Let Them Speak

Have you ever had a discussion – okay an argument – with someone who seemed so unreasonable that you didn’t know if you could control yourself? You couldn’t believe they were saying the things they were, and you couldn’t find a starting point to answer the long list of misconceptions they spewed out!  Your strongest urge was to shut them up so they couldn’t continue to convey the things they were saying.

What if someone believes them? Shouldn’t you respond, and shut them up once and for all? But how? Oddly enough, it often pays to let them speak, and let their own words define them. No doubt you have heard someone yelling, and then stop. If a few seconds go by with nothing but silence, their own words begin to sound more and more out of control and unreasonable. The same is true of written correspondence. When you don’t respond in kind, you don’t appear unreasonable and out of control. It is obvious you are much more in control of your thoughts, and you know their beliefs do not affect you, and can do you no harm. After all, they have a right to be wrong, as do you.

Also, if you have ever changed your mind about something, it’s important to allow others to do the same, and you may not be aware when it happens. I’m interested in your experience with this.


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