Mission Creep

You may have heard of the term “mission creep” as it pertains to policy and government. One of the most common references is how in Vietnam, we began with one mission, fairly noble in its aim, and gradually drifted to a different mission, the nobility questionable.

This can also happen in other entities, and in our personal lives as well. How do we maintain the virtuous initial direction with which we are excited to expend our energies? Go back to the book!

The book may vary whether it’s the mission statement, the company charter, the constitution, or the Book of books for our lives. Our weakness is our desire to be in charge, and our momentary feeling of competence can easily replace the real mission of our lives and that which motivates us.

So, before we get into trouble, as so many do, let us go back one more time and check the manual. The ultimate copy of which is still the most needed one of all.


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