My Way or…

One of the best tests of a person’s character is how he/she reacts when things do not go his/her way. When the athlete loses the contest, the candidate loses the election, or the applicant doesn’t get the job, how does he/she react?

This can be observed in nearly every setting in which we find ourselves. When we are part of a group, and the group doesn’t follow our advice, do we stay and continue contributing, or do we leave in anger?

I know several people running for public office, and for the most part, I would love to see them win. Yet, there is a good chance not all of them will. I will be interested to see how they respond to loss.

I hate to lose as much as anyone, and likely more than most. Yet, losing has taught me a lot of what I needed to learn, even if I didn’t want to learn it. First, losing has taught me that I will not always win, and perhaps shouldn’t. (How could that be?) Second, it has taught me that losing is the greatest opportunity to learn. After all, I learn very little when things are going my way. Third, losing has taught me how to allow someone else to win, and that may be the better lesson for the moment.

How have you dealt with loss? We all bring something to the table with this subject.


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