The Cure for Political Overload

If you’re like me, you pay attention to national issues and are not always happy with what you see and hear. Maybe I should be more honest and say I’m seldom happy with what I see and hear these days on a national level.

How do we deal with the consequences of being informed? I do it by intentionally focusing on what is in front of me that I can affect. That means the next person I meet, the next need I encounter, the next issue that is within reach.

Since this is my job anyway, it comes easier. How would you do it? Could there be a neighbor, a relative, or a fellow worker who needs to be heard? Could there be a local charity or church that could use some assistance or some of your time? When you think about it, this is what keeps our country on track anyway; not which senator is currently creating a non-issue to grandstand, nor which government agency is overstepping its bounds today.

When you are able to focus on local needs, you will gain a little of your hope and optimism back. You will realize life is worth getting up for again. You will also strengthen some weak knees that will then be able to take a few steps of their own.


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