Words Matter

It seems our society has abandoned the responsibility for the words we say. Even some in public office say things that they must know are not true, yet they still say them, and then defend them afterward. Perhaps they have realized few of their supporters will ever hold them responsible for their words, so they use them with a new level of recklessness.

Is it the case that our words no longer matter? Is no one listening anymore? It’s likely in some circles that is the case. In politics, often everything is so staged and predictable that most of it on a national level is simply dramatics and grandstanding, with the content mattering little. Few of us can act that way on a local level. People still do pay attention to our words. Social media is where our character comes out, and sometimes way more than we intended.

A posting I saw listed several groups of people the writer advocated to have equal rights, only to term as “idiots” anyone who disagreed. In this case, the “argument” wasn’t with those who might not be tolerant to her list of people, but with herself since her own claim was negated by her own intolerance. This speaks more of the one posting than of anyone else mentioned. Our words do matter, and it’s important that we choose them carefully, and use them wisely. We will be remembered by them, and we get to decide how.


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