How Deep is Trust?

We encounter plenty of people who would like us to trust them without much reason to do so. How do we respond to them?

We could become untrustworthy ourselves by assuring them of our trust (and support?) when we have no intention of doing so. But then, what would be the point? We could also tell them no, since they haven’t proven themselves, but we could miss out on a good relationship.

There is way we could maintain our own integrity, and at the same time let them know we are carefully considering trusting them. It’s best to be honest to them and tell them we want to trust them, but many before them have wasted our trust, so they will have to allow us some time and effort to verify their integrity. If they are genuine, that will be all they ask. If not, they will likely walk away, or react in a way that proves they do not deserve trust. We need to allow trust to go as deep as it needs to go. The value we place on that person’s word is directly proportional to the care we both put into verifying it.


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