What Shakes Us?

I suppose we all have the one or two things in our lives that if they are threatened, we would lose any composure, character, or faith we might otherwise have. As long as those things are okay, so are we, and we can handle all other threats to our well-being or peace.

What are those things, or what is that one thing? It may have to do with our health, or that of a family member. It may be a particular standing we have in our community or church or civic group. It may be our reputation, or our current job. It may be the relationship we have waited so long for, and just now secured.

To even ask this question is to venture into territory we may just as soon avoid. Why think of these things? Why not just think of something happier, and be thankful for what we have, instead of the possibility of losing it? Why indeed?

Again, why indeed? Studies show we already spend too much time thinking of just those things, and as a result, are anxious when we really have little to be anxious about. If our anchor is firmly in the right place, we can enjoy the small and large things of life, without spending too much time dwelling on what might happen. If we know what shakes us, chances are we also know the solution to that fear.


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