The Pace

Gaining trust often means we battle against the hectic pace the world around us seems to demand. We cannot be present in the lives of those we care about if we do it on the run.

Drive-by waving and true presence do not mix. They are opposites. Who has time for such care? How can I possibly spend any quality time if I have so much to do and so many places to be? This is not easy, though it is simple.

Priorities. It’s the one word that’s useful here. What are yours? Only you can answer that question. It may help to ask it a different way. Twenty years from now, what will have mattered? Will it be extra hours at work? Will it be the vast numbers of poeple you spent thirty seconds with? Will it be those you could have a real impact on by the time spent with them? What will they say about you, and what you did or didn’t do? We are shaping those comments, and if we’re in this for the long haul, it matters what we do.


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