Still Here

What is the characteristic about trust that you find most important? Is it the fact that trust leads you to the truth about things? Or, is it that you like the consistency that trust makes available?

I would think a certain amount of predictability would be included, as well as honesty and a concern with regularity. At least, that’s my idea of some things that go into trust.

That’s why I’m making a special effort to post on a day when I feel less like it that usual. After over 22 years of seizure control on medication, I encountered a lights-out, hit the bathroom floor hard one yesterday morning that still has me sore and with many cuts, bumps and bruises. This is no picnic. However, a trip to the emergency department (all tests normal) home to recuperate from the soreness leaves me still able to ramble and wait for a call from my neurologist.

Such is life, and such is the nature of trust. It will always be something, even when it feels all is well. We simply don’t know. We can learn to trust even then.


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