Fear of Honesty

I have seen it many times in family situations. One member does not want to tell the truth to the other in order to “protect” him or her. In many of those, the exact same thing was being said by the other person about the first one. So, they are “protecting” each other. A little more communication could go a long way in these cases.

In nearly every context, truth is better than anything else that could be reported. When assumptions are made that an individual or group of people cannot handle the truth, the outcome is almost never good. This doesn’t mean I am advocating for telling everything every time, but when in doubt, I would err on the side of being truthful. I have never understood the fear of being honest I see in many areas of our life and culture.

The truth is, we are all going to die, unless God intervenes before that. The truth is, we will encounter hardship, sickness, and pain in our lives at one time or another. The truth is, we will survive all of them unless we choose not to. It is much better to deal with the consequences of truth than to worry or wonder when it will come out, and it will always come out eventually. Would I rather be remembered for being the one who told the truth or for being one who knew, but did not disclose it? I will take the former anytime.


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