How does a person of trust get others to do what he/she thinks they should? Obviously, context matters. In an emergency or with lives at stake it’s not possible to go about convincing others to take action. Then, there must be clear authority and responsibility and things must get done. Aside from that, however, how does one accomplish what one must when it takes the help of others?

A leader will not transfer the pressure he or she feels to those who work with them, regardless of the intensity. Barking at co-workers does not accomplish much. Yet, what does? Respect! Surprisingly for some, the idea of respect and explanation goes a long way toward gaining support of those around you. You might be surprised that they may share the sense of urgency when the situation is explained and laid out for them to digest. Then, the energy and expertise you need could very well be at your disposal.

If you have always done it by barking, and have wondered why there is always growling in the background, then try it this way next time. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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