Common Sense

A large part of trust comes from and is generated by “common sense”. Most people still understand what common sense is. They are the ones who lead quiet, productive lives that leave little doubt as to their character and credibility. They do the right thing because it is right thing, which needs no further explanation.

However, there is a contingent (who get way too much attention) that do not seem to know what common is, nor do they make any attempt to use it. They say and do things that are against any form of reason, and seem to prefer random and off-the-cuff reactions to reality. For example, before buying property, common sense people would look at it first. So, when a politician says, “We had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” it defies all logic and leaves common sense in a fog.

What do we say to those who have taken leave of common sense? How about “thank you for your service, but your services will no longer be needed?”


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