Busy or Hectic?

I like days when I am busy, since I hope it means I have done something worthwhile. On the other hand, those days I call “hectic” are my least favorite. It means I seem to run from one thing to another with no chance to reflect on what I’ve done (especially if I don’t get coffee). This makes for quick decisions and reactions with little time for thought. It also allows no time to make changes if I need improvement.

Which brings me to the point: a trustworthy person will create space for reflection and thinking about the day’s, week’s, or month’s events. Some space each day is preferable. At least some each week is better than none. This allows us to step back from daily tasks and see what we are really about. Have we allowed others to change our direction and make demands on us we did not create, or count on? Have we experienced “mission creep” and gradually allowed the general direction to drift from its intended goal?

These things are worth considering, unless we are too “busy” to do so. If we are, then we see the problem. Let’s don’t miss the solution, which is us.


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