Tusting the Land; Always Another Hill

I could easily write about this from a farmer’s point of view. Though I have never been a farmer, I grew up with them. However I will write from the point of view of a runner. After slacking off after a health issue and during the cold part of the winter, I’m getting back into the flow. I know my hills and know when I can relax heading down the other side.

It occurred to me today that I have learned to do something I didn’t do before. I enjoy the downhill stretches more. I can catch my breath and let my legs relax a little. In the past, I didn’t enjoy downhill, because I kept thinking about the next uphill. If I focused on the challenge ahead, the coasting slipped by too quickly, and it seemed I was always running uphill.

Does that have any application to our lives? I think so. We tend to skip the great moment, dreading the hard moments ahead. The good times slip away and are forgotten in the anxiety of what’s ahead we dread. So, the moral of this note is: Enjoy coasting; there’ always another hill.


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