The Image of Beauty

When I visited Paris, and the Louvre Museum, one of the most amazing items was the statue of David. It stands in its own room, which is round. The lighting is magnificent. This particular sculpture is different from any previous ones of David. Until this one was created, all others depicted David as an older king. This one shows David as a youth, contemplating his battle with Goliath. He has a look of serenity, and of course his physique is famous for its perfection.

What I noticed, in addition to its huge size, was the reaction of people as they viewed it. As they gazed at the perfectly shaped body, they began to straighten up and walk a little more upright. The sculpture had a positive effect on everyone who stood there. I know I walked a little straighter, and taller (if that’s possible for me).

Trustworthy people have an uplifting effect on those around them, even if it’s by simple example. The honesty, integrity, and truthfulness will be seen. The power of a good example cannot be underestimated. It has its own beauty.


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