The title of this sounds like something you do to a muscle or a tendon. This has a different meaning, that of stretching ourselves in too many directions and in too many ways. Frankly, I would love to be in three places at once, but so far I have not been able to accomplish it.

That brings me to a reality I really didn’t want: even if I could be in several places at once, none of them would be all of me. I would only have at best half of me (or less) and would be of no value to either person. This dilemma comes from the false feeling that I’m needed by so many people, and that no one else is available or capable of providing support.

In order to maintain trust, we must follow through with what we say we will do, and trust that others can handle the rest. Otherwise we will schedule ourselves to be in more than one place at a given time and fail someone as a result. Then trust is strained, and we are tired and feel like we have failed. If we can focus on the priorities, we will offer much more help and have reserves for the long haul.


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