Big Talk; Small Actions

I have known several people over the years who seem to be making grand plans that never come to fruition. It’s not that they don’t mean well; it’s just they have plans bigger than their ability. It’s good to have dreams and plans, but to convey it as if it were already a reality wears on credibility after a while.

I have termed this before as “making a reputation on what he’s going to do.” The problem is, it only works for the moment the plans are announced. It doesn’t work when the time comes for the final product. Then, the trust level goes down. So, the impressiveness is short-term, and eventually makes thing worse.

What do we do with that person? It doesn’t make sense to try to correct or ask questions about something that hasn’t happened yet. Our being cynical will not help. When the promised delivery time has past it may be appropriate to ask about the project or plan, but being careful not to make it seem an interrogation. We certainly do not want to ridicule or degrade a person, but some subtle, caring offer to help might be just the thing to curb future announcements designed to impress. To be honest, I have to fight several natural urges to handle this well. Perhaps that’s why I put this out, so I am more accountable for how I do it.


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