Trust People to be People

While it may not be the usual angle by which to view the topic of trust, it does involve something that is predictable. We may not be able to predict specifically how people will act, but we know they will still be people.

Humans are not perfect. While we know that intectually, we still seem for some reason to hope that somehow (preferably while we are still alive) we will develop at least one person to be flawless. Once we do, we will work to repeat it. Whether we accomplish it by a new way of educating, a new drug or weight loss method, a new business plan or exercise program, we strive to create perfection.

It won’t work. True, we can always improve, and we should where we can, but human behavior is flawed. We can read history as far back as we want, and we still read the same activity and trends we see now. What has changed is the technology, and this has accelerated the rate at which we mess up. With communication and transportation as it is, we have the opportunity to create havoc in more places and with more awareness than ever before.

What is the advantage in this concept? It is not to dwell on the negative, but to avoid shock and surprise when it happens. The best instructions and policies are only as good as those who read and put them into practice. Perfection will come, but not in our current state, and not by us.


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