Speed of Progress

It seems every time I turn on one of my electronic devices, something somewhere tells me it needs to be upgraded, updated, or just thrown away. (“We no longer support this browser.”) While I want to please the device and its controllers, there is also something in me that is defiant. I do want to be updated and upgraded, but is this how I do it?

What if we decided that technology is not the way to upgrade? What if we looked back at what built the character of the generations before us? What if we actually talked with someone. As a joke, I did “face time” with my wife across the living room the other night. She has also texted me upstairs before. I suppose it couldn’t wait until I came back downstairs. Actually she was trying to save me a trip back upstairs to get hangers for my shirts. We are getting on in years, you know.

We do not need to update our values at the speed of email. We can rely on the “permanent things” which are unchanging and inaffected by the latest thing the market has to offer. Let us keep our new stuff in perspective.


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