Welcoming Challenges

It is comfortable for us make our way through every day with few, if any, challenges to our lives. That way our best laid plans are undisturbed and there are no bumps in the road we cannot handle.

Yet, we know from experience that challenges will come, and they won’t stop coming until we move on from this life. I never enjoy the challenges, which at times feel an awful lot like conflicts, but it’s the only time I really learn anything. I learn about me and what I believe as well as about others and what they believe. Though I would rather avoid such differences, it does give me a chance to verify once again whether I really believe what I think I do. Questioning is okay. Defending is worth doing.

The back-and-forth exchanges are always more productive if I can hear content rather than emotion and attitude. Then, I’m able to respond rather than react. I’ve done more of it lately than I have in a long time. It’s a good test, and a good exercise in weeding out what I lack in thinking and believing. I can also confirm once again those foundations on which I thought I stood.


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