Saying and Doing

Why do we sometimes promise things we either have no intention of doing or promising things we cannot control? Is it because we want to be popular, to win an election, or to be thought of as strong and competent?

It could be any of those reasons. It happens far too often, and it crosses all lines of business, politics, churches, and communities. In some cases it is harder to try, because it will soon be obvious that we are not following through. Usually in smaller, more local levels it can be spotted sooner and more clearly. That’s why I believe the most pertinent place to govern and serve is locally. Townships and school boards act in front of the community. Even though private conversations could bring about agreements, votes take place where people can monitor and question everything done.

As we shoot for honesty and transparency we must be certain our elected officials know we are paying attention and need explanations for actions. We need more than intentions and promises. We need leadership. We will be patient and wait for results.


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