Help Along the Right Track

We like to think we are not influenced by the negative things around us. It is a human problem to think we are in control, and by our own will power and faith, we can avoid doing wrong. Any experience at all tells us this is hogwash! If we could do it alone, we would, and we would not fail. Yet, we do fail, whether publicly or privately.

A person of trust does not try to be virtuous by his own will, but will have nearby and accessible others who will be truthful and keep him on track. Far from weakness, this is simply wisdom and a realistic view of how we have weak points and certain temptations that need to be reigned in. Those close people should have strict instructions to be honest and brutal if necessary to help us avoid the temptations to be dishonest, untrustworthy, or too arrogant to listen.

We all want to be in control; we are all not in control. We only think we have the ability to stay on track in our circle of influence without being influenced wrongly. It may be painful to our egos, but helpful for our lives. Feel free to accept help from the right people.


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