This day honors the working part of our lives, and allows most of us a day off! Such is the logic of our society. Work is the means to earn a living, but also gives us a sense of contributing to a larger whole. We have co-workers who keep us accountable, inspire us, and share in the challenges and accomplishments we face and overcome every day. If we work alone, we provide a good or service other want or need, and there is accomplishment in that. If we work someplace other than the work force, we provide things that enable others to work or simply grow up.

Honorable work does not lie, cheat or steal. It is straight up, and transparent. It reflects our own integrity, whether our standards are high, mediocre or low. It determines whether we have repeat customers or one-time buyers. It give us motivation to be better tomorrow than today. Without work there is no rest. Those who are able but choose not to work lose something intangible and lose the respect and admiration of those who do work. In tangible terms, they also require others to support them with the basics of life. In time that will mean something.

Work can be social, and often is. Yet at the bottom line, work is work! It is not pretending to work. It is not spending work time trying to get promoted (one of my pet peeves). It is not waiting for the next break from work. It is actually getting something done. It is being a part of a group of people that give our world its forward motion. It is both maintaining and creating. It is one of the best things we can do, except for today.


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