Building Trust

Regardless of what we may think or want to believe, we did not invent the idea of trust. Trust was established long ago by an entity much greater than we will ever be. It is, however, something we can build on and expand in our time.

Trust cannot be demanded, commanded or ordered. It can be established, gained and nurtured. It is lost in a moment, but takes much longer to rebuild. In every area of life, trust is lost, thrown away or ignored to the peril of those who do so. If we wish to influence any other person, we must first gain their trust, or at least not lose it.

Trust prevents worry, second guessing and time spent to verify everything. Trust is a living, breathing thing that motivates us and gives us peace of mind in any type of storm or challenge. Some organizations foster trust, such the military. This is because lives depend on it. Productivity is greater where there is trust. If we want to have a positive effect on those we contact, then building trust goes a long way to doing that.


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