Emotions and Reason

The popular means for change in our society, fed by many in government and those who would be government, is in most cases emotional in nature. This is not limited to political party or type or organization. Even corporate entities, fearful of the buying habits of the emotional consumers, remove or rename products, do away with others and generally react. This trend is prevalent and ignores traditional ways.

Change is inevitable, but overnight change is seldom good or beneficial. In fact more harm than good can be done by the knee-jerk reactions of those who demand something different immediately. Trust is gained slowly, but the unforgiving emotions don’t care about trust; they simply want what they want now.

This is not the way to earn trust, or keep it. Fighting the immediacy of change with little thought will usually end in disaster or something no one wants. Yet, many don’t realize it for a while. Then they demand another change. Let us use reason and not emotion to make changes that will affect many people.


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