Security of Continuity

Some people have “evolved” in the their thinking about certain issues that face our society. I agree that it is admirable to change one’s mind with additional information. Yet, it is not admirable to be pressured into changing one’s mind by others who want you believe (or at least support) their idea of what should be. Such change shows weakness, not conviction.

As always, we need to see consistency of basic principles and the only way to see those is to ask them or they tell us. An adult has had time to think about those principles and very little should change as one gets older. This does  refer to being “set in your ways” in a negative way, but to a well-thought-out conclusion, consistent with firm beliefs.

We get too little of that. We get more of the blowing winds of adjustment that change with the current trends, almost daily in some cases. I like predictability and the security that comes with being able to know with some certainty what a person will say and do. Look for that in a person, unless you like guessing.


One comment

  1. I disagree. If I listen to something or do research and fact find and discover I feel differently about something, that does not show weakness, it shows intelligence and forethought; not being led a sheep. There are some things I like to be predictable with someone, but certainly not their beliefs on issues. Change is good and many times to hold true to what you used to believe, but really don’t anymore, shows fear and callousness.

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