I read an interview with a journalist who has spent many years interviewing well-known people. It was an interesting conversation to read, but one thing he said stuck with me. When asked how he would like to be remembered, after saying he isn’t much of a legacy person, he then said, “I want people to say I did what I said I would do.”

With all the promises being made by many people, this statement was refreshing to me. Not only is it morally real, and admirable, but it also likely caused him to think about what he said he would do. This is the part I like most. What if we determined we will do what we say we will do? If we made a special effort to do just that, I believe we would say less, think more and get things done with the help of others. Even if we say we will do nothing, and follow through, we will be regarded as trustworthy. It’s not about how many promises we make, but being realistic about what we can actually do. It’s even good to say, “I will make every effort to ____________ .” This is honest, and doable, and will not come back to bite us later. The last thing we need is to be categorized along with those who make empty promises.

We should have plans and dreams. We should not make guarantees out of thin air that sound good at the moment, but that we cannot possibly accomplish. This is immoral and dishonest. We have enough of both, and let’s hope we don’t contribute to it.


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