One Good Thing?

It is certainly good to do one good thing in your life. Everyone does something good. I believe life is made of many good and not so good things. Sometimes it seems we hope to just break even. I think it is sad with today’s instant communication and reaction by media and popularity for one good thing that often a large number of good things are ignored about a person. Don’t misunderstand, I am not looking for anything for anything I do, but we fail to see the character of those who are recognized for one act, as good as it may be.

When someone does a heroic act that we hear about, I often think it is because that person does such things on a regular basis, only not in such public circumstances. Yet, we miss that they are trustworthy all the time. I also appreciate some media who take time to see into the lives of the good-deed-doers and see their steady character and integrity.

God forbid we should be in a position to be recognized for saving the life of a person from another person gone mad. Not because someone got saved (good thing) but because someone else went mad and made the heroic deed necessary. In other words, evil is in the world, and those who fight it are good. I pray no one creates a situation intentionally for this to happen


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