No Longer Appropriate

When any organization begins, there is a certain amount of expectation, and those who have the vision of what could be look forward and believe it will last. Unless those who follow are dedicated to keeping the vision alive, it will change and may even die. So, that’s why the vision must be passed on to the successors. As long as they feel obligated to follow the initial purpose, it will live.

The individual entities called states united to form the best union they could imagine. They knew, and stated so, that this union could only work if a certain level of morality existed among the people. If not, the vision could not continue. The nation, as the company or club, will be something different. This is why we keep saying we need to “take our country back”. If “In God We Trust” is still our focus, we could retain the vision. It doesn’t seem to be happening. I always allow for God to work directly in this situation, but in the past he has allowed nations to change to the point they no longer exist. In spite of the awareness of those who sacrificed to begin this union that men will hunger for control and power, they could not completely provide safeguards to prevent it. Loopholes have been discovered and used to subvert the morals that once existed. Some would say those morals are old-fashioned and no longer appropriate for our current world. I agree, the republic is not appropriate for an immoral people. What will be the result? I hate to think about it. If everything is relative, then nothing is solid, and tomorrow there will be another “solution” for what ails us. That’s why tradition is important, even critical to our well-being.

I have a strong belief that since we no longer base our federal level of government on the same morals with which we began, we will wind up with something that may not resemble what we think we have. Only locally and perhaps statewide can we maintain something akin to the original. Neither politics nor policy will correct this trend. It will take hearts and souls who still believe we had a good thing going. Perhaps we can find that among those who are campaigning. I pray that is the case. But, if that persons is running, we still have to elect them.

If this piece depresses you, that’s not the intent. I want to be realistic about us, and encourage us to look for the soul that has been the foundation of our union all along, and may still be present, after all the promising is done. So, we need to pay attention.


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