Eyes of Our Heart

About four or five years ago I had cataract surgery on both eyes. (Yes, I am too young for that.) An ophthalmologist did the procedure. My eyes were amazing clear after that. Glare was gone and colors were more vivid. You could say my eyes were much enlightened.

In my work environment I pick up many clinical terms regarding disease and treatments for them. I hear a lot about cardiac issues and what is done to try to cure or manage them. Scripture uses the term “heart” to indicate our emotions or our intellect. Our hearts are broken, but it does not meant the muscles of our blood pump are damaged.

The apostle Paul writes about the hearts of his readers, and he wants them to be enlightened. Interestingly he uses Greek words “kardia” and “ophthalmos” to describe these terms we translate heart and eyes. Our intellects and emotions need to be opened to see the hope of God’s calling and the inheritance we can anticipate when following Christ. Just looking into the way Paul writes gives us some enlightenment and motivates us to look further into how we can improve our spiritual health while we wait for the ultimate cure for all the ailments we carry every day.


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