Little Things

We miss a lot in life. We remember the big things which we consider important. We believe we have sorted out things worth remembering and things that are not. We think of the times that may have impacted the most people, or can be seen visibly long after they take place.

What we often forget are the little things. Yesterday I heard a speaker who had been horribly burned, and lived through the ordeal. She is an international speaker who tells her story passionately. The audience was silent and totally attentive. She beamed with excitement as if grateful for each breath. Once she told her story, I could understand her gratitude for breathing.

Her emphasis through most of her presentation was about the “small things” others did for her so lovingly; things no one else but her would have noticed. The acts that took an extra few seconds that she said she will never forget represent things we all can do. Although some of these acts were done by people with great skill, these things were done because they were human. They were small extra attention to her small but vital needs. They were done by people because of who they are, not just by training or education. If we can be aware of one small need around us, we can create a life-long memory for someone. Let’s do it.


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