Time’s ‘a Wastin’

Can we talk, and be honest? How much time to we spend each day, or a week’s average, on social media? How much do we really care about what we see and read? The average person who is involved spends a shocking amount of life scrolling through a mountain of trash to find a morsel of something good. Some studies say as much as 3 hours per day for the average American.

This is not an overall criticism of all such activities. There is good in social media, as in many things we do. Yet, can we agree that we over-indulge in its so-called benefits? We can gain valuabel information, but is it limited to that?

My challenge (and I will begin with myself) is to pare down cute, clever quotes and videos of everything in the universe to things that will expand our knowledge and ability to contribute to our communities. That will give us much more time to improve the lives of those around us rather than how many views of dinner meals we see.


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