Outward Appearance

I must admit I have put too much emphasis on how a person looks at times. I have consistently been fooled about a person because of that tendency. A person who strikes me first as a certain type of individual turns out the be much different, sometimes with their first sentence.

Using a different approach, it takes at least a neutral view, and then look for the good there. People as I remember them may look different (especially with age), but I still know them, and they are still there despite physical changes that have occurred. Once a conversation starts, it doesn’t take long to realize it is the person I knew, in a good way. A few who weren’t so enjoyable to be around in the past have turned out rather well in my limited opinion. Many of them have expressed faith in God that shouldn’t surprise me but does.

I hope to get better at this as I continue to look older and run the risk of being misinterpreted myself. I wouldn’t want to be treated differently than I attempt to treat others.




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