The Trouble with People

The trouble with people is … well, people. We are our own worst enemy. The comic strip character Pogo’s famous quote, “We have met the enemy, and he is us”, rings true. What’s worse, we all qualify for this category. Perfection eludes us, as individuals as well as nations. Try as we might to overcome our shortcomings with the next perfect solution, we often make things worse.

All this leads us back to where we are: sinners in need of a savior. It’s painful to watch those who try to ignore the fact that we will never get it all right by trying to solve everything for everyone. Government cannot do it, nor can politics. There is no party that will bring back our country, because it wasn’t really ours in the first place. We can only become a better city, county, state or nation by  becoming once again dependent on an everlasting, perfect God. Those who did their best to organize the separate states into a unified whole recognized the fact that people cannot long remain pure in thought and intent. Somewhere the pull for power will overcome. Thus, the best ideas were brought together to slow down the pace of change so no one person could mess things up too badly.

As trustees of our surroundings, we can do our part by leaving it better than when we came into it. This is our watch. We are at our post. Being strong spiritually, physically and mentally will be our best gift to those who follow us.




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