What Child is This?

There will be no attempt to describe the birth of Jesus in any unique way here. He was born like no one had been, nor has been. He was conceived from out of this world, into this world. The couple responsible for raising this child only had a slight clue what they were doing. They were honorable people.

The weight on their shoulders was nothing like the weight on his. He would bear everything that is bad and separates us from God. He willingly came here and left here to be everything we will ever need.

It is still unbelievable and is the best example of the mystery that can only be explained by immense love on the part of the father and the son. We can only marvel that all this was done for us, each of us and all of us. If we agree and accept, we will live forever. If not, we won’t. We must be confronted with our need, and act accordingly.


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