Another Year

So far we have at least touched another year. If we find ourselves wanting to know what it will bring, we can easily lose our present joy. We can only rest if  we can manage to not be anxious about tomorrow or the coming year.

It doesn’t seem possible that 2016 could be here, unless you are under 18 years old. I remember entering college in 1974, going into the bookstore, and seeing a welcome sign for the “Seniors of 1978”. It seemed at the time that year was far away, and I didn’t know how I would make it through school for that graduation. It’s amazing how every year brings a new perspective.

I’m not much on looking back over the past year. Every news outlet reminds us of the stories and people who have been in the news. With nothing against the news-makers, I do think about those who didn’t draw any media attention. A local car dealership has again “filled a Ford” with food for many local food pantries for those needing it. They accepted one can of food or a truckload from any and all who would contribute. Those pantries are well-stocked again. Hopefully they won’t be needed as much this year. We can begin today to chip away at those things that need chipping, and grow closer to each other and to God. That I can do.


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