Faith Without Action

We cannot work our way to a place that requires grace to attain. On the other hand, failure to act on the faith leads nowhere. This applies to heaven and also applies to work. Plans are good and essential, but they do not exist apart from follow-through.

The problem with General George McClelland during the early part of the Civil War was that he was not a fighter. He was unsurpassed as a trainer of soldier, but when the time came for action and movement in the field, he continued to train. Philosophy should lead to to a better life and the testing of the value of that philosophy.

If we can manage to plan then do, we will achieve an amount of success and also show others how things work in daily life. I have seen some people have “plans to plan a planning session”, but nothing happens. This is both non-productive and gradually erodes the credibility of the one making promises with no result.


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