Cruise Control

One of the modern conveniences of driving is the cruise control setting. We simply set the speed we want, push the button, and relax. We can keep a constant speed without tiring our right foot. It is a great thing, indeed.

But when we get into hills and curves, the cruise control is not such a blessing. Going uphill, the car has to accelerate to keep the speed we have set, so the engine has to increase it’s RPM’s and use more fuel. Going downhill, it has to relax it’s grip and the car can coast and gain too much speed. When we negotiate curves, we have to apply the break, disengaging the cruise control, and then reset it if we want. Cruise control was really designed for flat straight highways that offer little variation in roadway.

We would love to put our lives, minds and emotions on cruise control. We could then focus on one or two things, or not focus at all and watch the world go by without assuming any control, or responsibility. Life does not allow this. There are too many curves and hills in our lives to simply set the speed and let the engine do all the work. If we try this we will crash and hurt not only ourselves but others as well. We must use our ability to negotiate the uneven terrain of life so we can survive and learn from them to continue the good things we can do.

We all remember the last sharp curve that we thought would do us in, but we braked and turned just in time. We hope we never see another one like that. No one wants to anticipate the next dangerous place where we aren’t sure we can make it next time. Experience makes good drivers, and good life negotiators. If we can stay on the road, we can handle the next curve. Don’t panic, drive!



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