Encountering Criticism

The prevalence of general disbelief of those far and near to us is not news. Much of the time our close circle of friends and relatives are likely to think generally as we do regarding the existence of an almighty creator at least, and even of his son, our saviour.

Dealing with those who don’t believe and become more vocal about it either ties us more closesy to our faith, or it makes us wonder. Wondering is fine, and even necessary. If I cannot provide an answer about my faith, maybe it isn’t very viable. Yet, once our faith is strengthened, we can ask questions for which they do not have answers.

The presence of mystery need not throw us off balance. We will always have more questions than answers. The human need to know everything will motivate unbelievers to fill the gaps with so-called science. They will claim the more science discovers, they more holes there are in our beliefs. I advocate the opposite. The better the science, the more our faith is confirmed. We can go on in spite of the wind blowing in all directions around us. Our battle is not with them (flesh and blood) but against greater spiritual entities. God will fight the hard battles. We just need to continue.



  1. A tidbit of information Christians should have on hand is this…Authorities (non-religious) say that a single teaspoon of DNA has more storage capacity than…15,000 TRILLION computers.

    So, one might say that God is AT LEAST that much more intelligent than any intellectual that has concluded that God does not exist.

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