Science and Faith

John Henry Newman, an English cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church had this to say regarding how science has value, but only to begin our journey. It cannot bring us where we need to be. “Persons influence us, voices melt us, looks subdue us, deeds inflame us. Many a man will live and die upon a dogma: no man will be a martyr for a conclusion.” Newman was (and still is) one of the clearest voices of the power of faith or belief in the last few centuries. He died in 1890.

Science brings us knowledge, but no one will give his life for knowledge alone. He goes on to say that even literary knowledge of scripture is not enough to bring us to living that faith as a reality. We can come to some conclusions about scripture, but unless we recognize the realities it conveys, we will not be willing to give our lives, and will not be convincing to others. I have argued the correct interpretation of a passage of scripture; but winning that debate won no one to the faith I claimed to represent. Until our reading and research results in realizing that which is, it is only an intellectual exercise. Scripture is not meant to be simply forensics.

This is the weakness of atheism. It will not motivate a person to any kind of passionate action. It simply claims what is not, but not that which is. No one will give his life and his all for what is not. Atheism cannot excite the spirit and cannot motivate action. It does not engage the imagination is ways that surpass knowledge. It lacks the ability to reach the very thing that makes us different from animals. Our souls would be left dry if we do not have faith.


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