Our founding documents clearly define one of our greatest attributes: that every person is equal under the law. That being the case, we can be assured at a high level all will be treated fairly and the process will be equitable. It goes without saying that process is still administered by humans, and is thus subject to imperfection.

Yet, those who operate with the idea that we should all be equal do so with a misunderstanding of the human condition. We are not created as uniform creatures with the same abilities and desires. Those who aspire to be corporate CEO’s (often considered “evil” by the envious ones) are also aware of the increased responsibility that comes with the position. Not all have such aspirations, and are perfectly happy being where they are in society. This is natural and should be considered a blessing instead of a problem to be solved, using force if necessary, by a government entity. Scripture, in speaking about the church,  describes different gift endowed, with one purpose: to work together. I believe the same applies in society in general.

If we could recognize that each has a part to play, we can bypass the confusion created by the “equality police” and allow each to his own. Handing every person whatever they desire always comes with strings attached. Those resources are not free. Such meddling creates a flat humanity that will be subject to those who attempt to fix something not broken. Also, who will make the decision as to what level of achievement we are allowed to attain? Something tells me it would not work out the way anyone wants. Plus, such an approach has been attempted, and has never worked.



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