Sound Bytes

It’s a shame about sound bytes. They provide only a few seconds of a person’s ideas. The term “byte” comes from our popular use of technology and represents a miniscule measurement that doesn’t explain a real idea. So, we use the term to define a phrase or sentence of a person’s longer narrative. Just as the still picture of a frown goes with a headline that a person is not happy with something. The picture and the emotion may have nothing to do with each other, but convey what the writer/editor wants it to.

If you have ever received a letter from a relative, it would be absurd to take one sentence from it, divorced from the paragraph or the whole letter and quote it alone to convey the writer’s attitude about the family or the world. We know it wouldn’t be fair to our kin to do such a thing, but we do it with our look at the interpretation of ideas, scripture or any other form of literature because we are either too lazy or too opinionated to look further.

If we don’t widen or attention span, we will make the mistake of believing a brief moment of nose-scratching or sneezing as the sum of a long-term plan for governing or leading. We have the ability to do better, if we have he forethought to examine our surroundings more carefully, and for a longer period of time.


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