Not By Ourselves

Why would a gracious God send pestilence upon a people? Why would he allow foreign armies to overrun their cities? Why would he refrain from intervention when innocents are killed?

These are questions which have been asked since man was able to ask questions. I believe we know the answer, but do not like it. We need someone to blame, and he is the most powerful target we can imagine. Yet, the answers point back to ourselves and to the relationship we have with him. He has chosen not to force a change in our exercise of free will. As a result, we do bad things to each other. Innocents are killed by people. Also, he wants us to realize our need for dependence on him.

Does God have such an ego that he wants us to bow down and declare our dependence on him? We might ask our quesrtion a little differently: What does he have to prove? If he created the world and us, what more does he need to do to be seen as trustworthy and able to take care of us?

We need but acknowledge that we are dependent on him to get through our time here so he can complete our makeover to be like him. As long as we fight that notion, we will continue the path we find ourselves in. If we can relinquish the need for control, we can allow him to do what he desires (but not with force) to do in our world. It take a willingness on our part.


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