Waking Up Offended

When you woke up this morning, what were your plans? Not necessarily for you work or home schedule, but for your attitude. Have you ever woke up planning to be offended? Me neither. There have been things that were bothering me; things that made me angry, problems I couldn’t solve or a number of other unresolved issues. But I can’t think of a time I have ever planned to be offended.

Yet, that seems to be the identity of some in our country. What’s more, they are encouraged to be so by those who make their living from offense. They stoke the fires of dissatisfaction, pushing the dissatisfied to do something about it, sometimes even destruction.

These pushers of unhappiness are doing a disservice, not giving a voice. They are taking advantage of needs that can legitimately be addressed, but can’t be except by threat and damage to people and property. This is not advocacy, but incitement. They are not courageous, but corrosive. They do not represent respectable ways of grievance, but are intent on holding hostage our better natures. I believe our better natures can ignore the threats, and work with those who can be heard by connversations and votes. I plan to be at my county caucus tomorrow, to influence things at my level. That voice can gradually surface to higher levels. But I don’t plan to go there offended.


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