Our Minds: Lost?

Our minds may be MIA. Rationality is an indangered thing among many who may actually vote in the upcoming election. From the idea that everything is free (to selected people) to the brawling campaigning we see in this political culture, we have fallen into a messy time of mob mindset.

We seemed to be ready to repeat history by acting like it didn’t happen. We pander to a few who believe every symbol conveys the worst attitudes possible. We have forgotten the dignity that has been our hallmark for a couple of centuries. Differences are no longer allowed, and there is only one way to disagree: destroy something.

Yet, there is still an overwhelming percentage of relatively silent people going about their business, or as George Bailey would say, These are the people “who do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community.” We can and will stay the course, and survive another round of mayhem. Then we’ll keep on working and paying and living and dying. Our minds are still present.


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