Backbones are important. Without ours, we are limp, helpless jelly fish. We are not upright, stand-on-our-own creatures. We will be prey to those who crawl and creep and feed on our weakness. Physically we are pitiful if our backbones are missing.

Without moral backbones, we are no good to anyone. We are overcome with darkness and deceit. We will become slaves to our whims and momentary appetites that will take us to places we can’t imagine. Our effect on others will be to weaken them to our own pitiful level. We will avoid anything that takes discipline and getting up early. We will not feed ourselves with positive scriptural food. We will starve and be pathetic.

Emotionally we will cry and blame others for our failures. We will attempt to check out of this world multiple times, and may even succeed. Hard things will scare us and cause us to blame everyone we have ever encountered for our fear.

If we have a backbone we should use it to stand tall and fight every battle that comes our way. We should fight evil and look for the God who will fight for us and not apologize for his presence. If we don’t think we have a backbone, we should find the one given us at birth. We should stand up and be part of this world. We should look for ways to contribute to the good of the whole. Please make sure I have mine and motivate me to use it. I’ll do the same for you.



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