Batting 1.000?

We may not have though about it, but baseball is fun, but difficult. For example, it is impressive when a player bats .300 or more. This means that they get a hit on average every third time at bat. The great Ty Cobb has the greatest lifetime average at .366, which has stood since his last professional game in 1928. It may be a long time until anyone matches that.

We also understand that a player will continue batting 1.000 (perfect) until they strike out. From then on, batting perfectly is not possible, even if they hit a homerun every other time at bat. It’s that way in any area of life. Once we make one mistake or commit one sin, perfection is beyond possibility.

Why then do some expect to “improve” society and culture toward perfection or utopia when it will still involve people, who are imperfect? The effort to continue experimenting with and alter morals and mores to make everything and everyone “better” is an exercise in futility. Can we be and do better? No question, and we should continue to do so, but no one or two or series of laws or regulations will do the trick, to force such laws is fantasy. This does not allow for humans to be human. Some things will never change, and that also applies to progressives who hang on the idea that we can be perfected.


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