Lamenting Voter Turnout

Like many, I have often been appalled when hearing the number of registered voters versus the number of those who turned out to vote. It seems so many are shirking their responsibility to contribute to a democratic society by making their voice heard.

To be sure, a large percentage of those who stay home should go to the polls. Though they are aware of the candidates and issues, they still allow other priorities to get in the way, or simply do not show up out of frustration with one thing or another.

The gap between those who are informed and vote and those who are informed and do not should be closed as much as possible. Much could be accomplished if more informed voters would contribute to the process. At least, acknowledge those who spend an extremely long day at the polls with little pay and lots of coffee some respect by stopping by to say hi and fill out a ballot.

There is another group, however that have stayed away, and should do so. I will give more thought to those and how to explain it for another post.


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