Natural Rights

We have so obliterated the term “rights” in our world that there is hardly any resemblance to the rights that nature and God have given us. In fact, natural rights are somewhat beyond us to comprehend, because they do come from God. The best we can do is to reach for and seek to attain their meaning and apply them to our lives and culture.

This leaves us with the conclusion that these rights cannot be created by each generation using whatever the current definition happens to be. We apply them to exclusive groups or individuals according to a reaction to something that has happened and the perception that these “rights” have been violated. Therefore, they must be corrected and restored, with interest, by those deemed responsible for the violation. That we are all created equal (before the law) does not mean we are created with equal abilities. A classless society has never worked and will never work, simply because people are different.

Still, the beat goes on to makes things fair and level for all. History teaches us that our futility is not new, just the most recent example. What is the solution? That’s exactly the point! It is beyond the ability of finite, flawed people to create a solution to finite, flawed behavior. The solution rests with the one who created us. So, we are left with the problem: we tend to ignore him who gave us the rights in the first place. If we begin there, we have hope of that perfection we seek.



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