Month: November 2016

Time Wins

No matter how wonderful or evil a person is, eventually they will succumb to time. Our news yesterday bore the story of the death of Fidel Castro. There are different views of him and his life. I think of him as a brutal tyrant that may have had a good idea once, but it quickly turned into a power-hungry, 50-plus years of absolute control over a people. Yet, his time has come and gone. We are yet to see if any real change occurs. It may not be until time also catches up with his brother Raul that noticeable change occurs.

If we have the patience, we can wait out the bad actors in our world. Only then can we set about re-building the damaged structures and traditions that have been lost. On the other hand, if we feel we have had the best leaders we could have, time still takes that good and puts us back to work to ensure the good things continue.

I am comfortable with our election results. I am content to wait and see what time and abilities bring. Maybe my comfort will turn to anxiety, but maybe not. Time will reveal all, and it usually takes more of it than we like. We have grown impatient to the point that we comment on events before it has finished happening. We place blame before things are sorted out and we can get facts. Time wins, every time. We can use it to our advantage, or let it slip away while we lament what it has failed to give us for now.


One Moon

On a run last night I ran east and saw the large red moon coming up, and was in awe. While the red ball rose from the horizon, I knew a lot of people were observing the same moon.

In fact, it’s the same moon that rose over England, Australia, the himalayas, Germany and Washington D.C. Yes, our country is still graced by the “lesser light” as created by God. The reminders are all around us.The creation is greater than our politics and our elation, grief and our indifference. Unless the Creator intervenes, the “greater light” will rise tomorrow and deliver another day of work and play.

We go on, because He goes on. It is true that beauty, goodness and truth are in short supply, but they still exist. They always will. They are the permanent things.

Can We Make It?

Finally, we are about to go to the polls. Finally we can have our say. Finally we can pull up the yard signs and hear something besides those ads. But, this is the process. Gone (if they ever existed since the founding) are the days when a good person was drafted to run for office. Those who would be our leaders are not lifted up on our shoulders and carried into office. Those who want to lead have to work for it.

How many times I have wished we could locate a good leader, put him/her before the people and undeniably elect them! The problem is, few really good leaders want to run, given the intense nature of the process. Only at local levels can running be doable for most of us, and even then it can be ugly. After all, much more is known locally than nationally about a person. An unknown in a small town is just that, unknown, and unlikely to garner much favor among the people.

Trust is built over time, and the record must be knowable, and clear. If we could discount promises (which are constantly broken anyway) and focus on a track of demonstrated ability to accomplish things and build up people, we could grant ourselves something positive. Meanwhile, here we go again!